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Minutes of the 13th Business Meeting of OAPTIN

Venue: New Auditorium, IBBUL, Lapai, Niger State
Date: 21/11/17
Time: 2.30 PM
**Prof F.K. Salako                          National Coordinator, VC FUNAAB
Dr (Mrs) F.A. Olowokere                   National Coordinating Scientist
Dr O.S. Sakariyawo                          National Secretary
Mrs Joseph-Adekunle                       National Treasurer
Prof. V.I.O. Olowe                           National President NOAN
Prof. J.J. Atungwu                            Deputy Editor-in-Chief
**Dr T.I. Olabiyi                              Zonal Coordinator (South West)
*Prof. Ibeawuchi I.I                          Zonal Coordinator (South East)
*Prof. Nkereuwen John                      Zonal Coordinator (South South)
Dr S.T. Yusuf                                   Zonal Coordinator (North Central)
**Dr I.U. Mohammed                       Zonal Coordinator (North West)
Dr K.E. Law-Ogbomo
Miss Ezeamara Lilian Amarachi
Dr A.U. Osaigbovo
Abdullahi Khadijat Kubura
Oladeji Olaide Ayodele
Dr Aliyu Muhammed
Dr (Mrs) Odeyemi Olubukola
Abdulrahman Sanni
Haruna Salisu Gombe
Yusuf Adamu
Hajiya Aishatu Adamu
Mohammed Tetengi
Ayeni Sola Alaba
Adelowo Oluwabunmi
Mathew Chori
Jibrin Mohammed
Ederigbe Raymond
Yahya Garba
Dr John Shiyam
Dr Y. Hussaini
Osai Ephrain
Dr Joseph E.O. Ansa
Dr Philips A. Tsado
Ojo O.O.
Dr Adamu Muhammed
** Absent with apologies

  1. Opening prayer
  2. Reading and adoption of the minutes of 2016 Business meeting held at Kebbi State University of Science and Technology, Aliero, Kebbi State
  3. Matters arising from the minute
  4. Report from the Chairman Kebbi 2016 LOC
  5. Presentation of reports:
    1. The Secretariat
    2. Financial Report
    3. Reports from the Chairperson Summer School
    4. Report from the Editorial Office
    5. Zonal reports (South West, South East, South -South, North West, North Central, North East)
  6. Presentation by the prospective hosts to be considered for the next Annual Conference/Business Meeting 2018
  7. Election, ratification and announcement of 2018 host of OAPTIN Annual Conference and Business Meeting
  8. Election of new executive members of OAPTIN
  9. Hand over and introduction of new executive members of OAPTIN
  10. AOB
  11. Closing prayer

1.0 Opening prayers
The 13th Annual Business Meeting was chaired by the Representative of the National Coordinator, Prof. J.J. Atungwu. The opening prayer was delivered by Dr Aliyu Mohammed. Opening remarks was made by the representative of the National Coordinator and he relayed the apologies of the National Coordinator with respect to his absence at the ABM. It was reported that he extended his commendation to the present Exco members for their sacrifices and support. He further wished the 13th National ABM a fruitful deliberation. It was suggested that subsequently the National Coordinating Scientist and National Secretary should affix their signatures and dates to the minutes of OAPTIN to make it more official.  
2.0 Adoption of minutes
The minutes of the 12th Annual Business Meeting (ABM) was adopted. The motion for the adoption was moved by Dr Osaigbovo and Seconded by Dr Shiyam.

3.0 Matters arising from the 12th ABM
It was observed that attendees should be expunged from the minutes to be replaced with membership.  It was agreed that only active members should be allowed to enjoy benefits from OAPTIN. It was reiterated that membership fee still stands at N 2000. Membership forms could be obtained from the Secretariat or sent to prospective members through submitted email. It was observed that the number of members attending the ABM over the years have not been encouraging. It was reported that the changes made to the agenda provided by the Lapai 2017 LOC was premised on the low turnout of members at ABM. It was indicated that the ABM is the highest decision-making body for the Society; hence it is imperative that members attend and make their opinion known at such platforms.

3.1 Information on LAUTECH
It was observed that sequel to the hosting of the 11th National Conference/ABM at LAUTECH there are still some outstanding debt that should be settled by this institution. Unfortunately, the South West Zonal Coordinator was not present at the 13th ABM to provide responses to this information.

3.2 On the 11th National Conference/ABM at Minna, 2015
The LOC Chairman, Minna 2015 sent his apologies for not attending the 13th National Conference through the Zonal Coordinator, North Central. The Zonal Coordinator, North Central reiterated that he could not speak for the LOC Chairman, Minna 2015 on the non- availability of the Conference Proceedings that took place at FUT, Minna. He further commented on the non-availability of channel of information between the Secretariat and the LOC, Minna 2015. The National Secretary reported that several efforts were made to contact the LOC Chairman, Minna 2015 through varied media. All efforts proved abortive. It could be recalled that he was directed to forward to the Chairman, LOC Minna 2015 the list of contributors to the Proceedings of the 11th National Conference that took place at Minna. It was reported that the request of the ABM was granted by the National Secretary, unfortunately the Chairman, LOC Minna 2015 failed to respond to several calls and internet messages. The National Secretary was advised to place a call to the Zonal Coordinator, North Central for the Chairman, LOC Minna 2015 to speak to the National Secretary in his presence. Furthermore, The National Secretary was advised to ensure that whatever formal correspondence that transpired between him and the Chairman, LOC Minna 2015 should be made available to other Exco members of OAPTIN for references. The Chairman of the 13th ABM condemned the action of LOC, Minna 2015 and expressed his displeasure that such action should not be encouraged in the future by any of the hosting Institution. The 13th ABM indicated that the National Secretary should feed the floor on the outcome of his interaction with the Chairman, LOC Minna 2015.

4.0. Report from the Chairman, LOC Kebbi 2016
The Secretariat reported that the report of the Chairman, LOC Kebbi 2016 was sent electronically to the Secretariat. The report provided the profile of attendees at the 12th National Conference, the deliverables at the said Conference and the financial breakdown of all activities. The details have since been forwarded to the National Treasurer. Unfortunately he could not respond to questions that emanated from the report due to his absence at the 13th National Conference, Lapai. The National Secretary had earlier informed members at the 13th ABM that the Chairman, LOC Kebbi 2016 notified the Secretariat on his absence. It was also reported that consignments of the Proceedings of the 12th National Conference was sent from Kebbi that morning. As of the time of the ABM it was not delivered yet, however the National Secretary took delivery of the consignments later in the evening after the closure of the ABM. Eighty five copies of the Proceedings of 12th National Conference was delivered to the Secretariat, two copies was given to members from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, ten was given to LOC, Lapai 2017 and eleven was distributed among Exco members, Dr (Mrs) Okubena, Mr Ojo Olayinka, Dr (Mrs) Olubukola Odeyemi and Mr Oladeji Olaide. The remaining Proceedings were kept in the custody of the National Treasure, which shall be distributed to members that attended the 13th National Conference at Lapai free-of-charge and others that are ready to make payment for it at the 14th National Conference at Abeokuta in 2018.

5.0 Presentation of reports
5.1 The National Secretary
The National Secretary provided a written report at the 13th ABM. He gave a breakdown of the activities at 12th National Conference at Kebbi, challenges and prospects at the Secretariat. The details of this report were circulated among members during the ABM for their deliberations.
5.2 The National Treasurer
The National Treasurer read out her report in the absence of paper presentation. She provided the total amount of money realised (N 751 542) till date and the balance (N 141, 000). A detailed report she indicated would be sent to the National Secretariat, which shall be forwarded to members upon request. Such financial report shall equally be made available at the 14th National Conference/ABM at Abeokuta, 2018. Members required from the National Treasurer to provide further information on the deficit observed with respect to the account of JOAEN. The Deputy Editor-in-Chief was of a contrary opinion with respect to the expenditure profile of JOAEN account. Members unanimously agreed that LOC, Minna 2015 should return outstanding debt they incurred in the hosting of the 11th National Conference/ABM at FUT, Minna. The Debts were identified as those involved in the publishing of Conference Proceedings and the seed money granted to LOC, LAUTECH. In the absence of a paper report from the National Treasurer, the report could not be adopted by members.

5.3 Report on International Summer School
It was reported that the International Summer School could not hold due to certain developments as FUNAAB in recent past. However the National Treasurer provided glimpse of hope on the school due to the request made by members at 13th Lapai National Conference. It was suggested that the International Summer School should be moved to other zones. Sequel to that University of Calabar indicated that they would be willing to have their Summer School on organic agriculture soonest with the permission of the Secretariat. 

5.4 Reports from Editorial Board
The report was presented by the Deputy Editor-in-Chief at the ABM. The presentation was made in the absence of hard copies. He indicated that a request was made through the Secretary, LOC Lapai 2017 to reproduce hard copies for members at the ABM. The Deputy Editor-in-Chief posited that JOAEN ran at a profit. As at the moment the money in the coffers of JOAEN stood at N 711, 731.12 k. He further indicated that submission into the Journal is done electronically. Other milestones are timely publication of JOAEN since its inception. He extended his appreciation to all the reviewers for their timely efforts and sacrifices. It was suggested that separate account should be created for JOAEN. However, National Treasurer indicated that she faced some challenges with respect to that. She indicated that at the Secretariat the National Coordinator was of the opinion that other Bankers apart from the one suggested at the ABM should be used.  She later requested for suggestions from members at the ABM on that. Members suggested Zenith Bank as the Banker for JOAEN.

5.5. Reports from the Zones
It was indicated that henceforth all reports must be in a written format, circulated among members and the Secretariat. Report from the North Central Zone did not meet that condition hence it was stepped down. However since he had it documented electronically he was allowed to make oral presentation at the ABM. He indicated that Ecological Organic Agriculture (EOA) was implemented at FUT, Minna. He further elaborated that survey was conducted in the Northern part of Nigeria on EOA. It was observed that the National Secretariat was not carried along in the implementation of this project. It was indicated that henceforth money made on behalf of OAPTIN should be indicated as such and remitted to the National Secretariat.

6.0 Hosting right  
In the absence of interest from other institutions for the hosting right of the 14th Annual Conference, The Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta was provisionally granted the hosting right, subject to their level of commitment and preparedness. The National Secretary was mandated to communicate the decision of members at the 13h ABM to the Vice Chancellor, FUNAAB together with their hosting mandate.

7.0 Elections
The present Exco was dissolved by the Chairman, ABM Lapai 2017 due to the expiration of their tenure. Dr Shiyam was made Chairman of the Electoral College.  In the absence of the pronouncement of the constitution of the Society on the numbers of times an office holder could occupy an office it was decided by members at the 13th ABM that the present Exco should be put to vote on whether to retain them or not. It was unanimously agreed that the present Exco should be retained for another term in office. They were appreciated for their efforts and sacrifices to the society over the years and implored to take OAPTIN to a greater height in the future

8.0 AOB
It was observed that the tempo at which OAPTIN started had dwindled over the years. Varied explanations were propounded mainly absence of meeting by Steering Committee members over the years. It was indicated that such meetings logistically are difficult to convene. It was reported that the National Coordinating Scientist made attempts to convene such but her efforts were futile. Money was not released by the National Coordinator to sustain such effort. Furthermore it was indicated that the founding members of OAPTIN were kept incommunicado on the activities at the Secretariat over the years. It was reported that it was due to this that the Secretariat tried to explore varied means of communication not only with founding members but equally extended to all members. It was indicated that the official website of OAPTIN is up and running. Other platforms are the whatsapp group for those with such an application. To alleviate the fears of founding members and others it was suggested that the database of members at the Secretariat should be updated from time to time. The information it was suggested should capture apart from what is obtainable at the moment the area of expertise of members. Others suggestions were that activities at the Secretariat should not be limited only to the Scientist but capture other stakeholders like the farmers and policy makers.

Motion for the adjournment of the 13th ABM was moved by Dr Law-Ogbomo, which was seconded by Miss Ezeamara Lilian Amarachi. The ABM ended around 3.1500 PM.

National Coordinating Scientist
Dr (Mrs) F. Olowokere

National Secretary
Dr O.S. Sakariyawo