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Minutes of The 12th Business Meeting of OAPTIN

Date: 15/11/16
Time: 3.48 PM
Dr (Mrs) F.A. Olowokere                   National Coordinating Scientist
Dr O.S. Sakariyawo                            National Secretary
Mrs Joseph-Adekunle                         National Treasurer
Prof. V.I.O. Olowe                             National President NOAN
Prof. J.J. Atungwu                              Deputy Editor-in-Chief
**Dr T.I. Olabiyi                                Zonal Coordinator (South West)
Prof. Ibeawuchi I.I                             Zonal Coordinator (South East)
*Prof. Nkereuwen John                      Zonal Coordinator (South South)
Dr S.T. Yusuf                                     Zonal Coordinator (North Central)
Dr I.U. Mohammed                            Zonal Coordinator (North West)
Dr K.E. Law-Ogbomo
Dr A.S.I. Gudugi
Dr B.A. Lawal
E.O. Osai
Dr E.K. Isado
Dr J.O. Shiyam
Dr A.A. Kwaido
Nwankwo Uchenna MayJane
Nwaokporo Anasthesis Chiamaka
Ezeamara Lilian Amaradie
Rilwanu Aati
Aminu Aliyu Argungu
Naibi Mohammed
Dr A.S. Ambursa
Hairu Muazu
Salau Oluwabusayo
Oladimeji Y.U.
Yakubu Ado
Abdulrahman Sanni
Dr Y. Hussaini
Dr A.U. Osaigbovo
Dr. Uthman L. Arunah
Dr Yakubu Ali Garjila
Ayodele Otaiku
Dr Ayorinde O.M
Prof W.K. Hassan
Haruna Salisu Gombe
Prof J.C. Obiefuna
Prof I.I. Ibeawuchi
Dr J.O. Shiyam
Dr O.M. Odeyemi
Ojo O.O.
Dr Adamu Muhammed
** Absent with apologies

  • Opening prayer
  • Reading and adoption of minutes of 2015 ABM held at Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State
  • Matters arising from the minutes
  • Report from Minna 2015
  • Annual reports from Zonal Offices
  • Report from Editorial Board
  • Report from Summer School
  • Report from the Secretariat
  • Financial Report
  • Consideration and adoption of OAPTIN strategic plan for the next four years
  • Presentation on proposed framework on the hosting right by the National Secretary OAPTIN
  • Presentation by the prospective hosts to be considered for the next Annual Conference/ABM 2017
  • Election, ratification and announcement of 2017 host of OAPTIN Annual Conference/ABM
  • Election of new executive members of OAPTIN
  • Handover and introduction of new executive members of OAPTIN
  • Other matters arising from the Zonal Offices
  • Closing prayer

Opening prayers
The 12th Annual Business Meeting was chaired by the National Coordinating Scientist [Dr (Mrs) F.A. Olowokere]. The opening prayer was delivered by Dr I.U. Mohammed. The minutes of the 11th Annual Business Meeting (ABM) held at Federal University of Technology, Minna was adopted by Dr I.U. Mohammed and seconded by Dr Shiyam.
Review of the minutes of 12th ABM [Federal University of Technology (FUT), Minna 2015] and other matters arising
It was indicated that subsequently minutes should be in the following format: single spacing with 12 fonts. It was also reiterated that advanced electronic copies should be made available to all the active members before the commencement of the ABM. It was reported that such had earlier been conducted; unfortunately the database of all the active members of OAPTIN consisted of non-functional emails. It was indicated that resolution at the ABM should be made explicit in the minutes.
It was reported that the financial status of LAUTECH 2014 was in a dire situation. It was indicated that LAUTECH 2014 ran at a loss. This was reflected in the outstanding bill of N8000 that still remains to be settled by the LOC of LAUTECH despite repeated appeals and that the cost of publishing proceedings from that Conference had to be offset by a member. Members were of the opinion that LAUTECH issue must be properly addressed before the next ABM.
The earlier scheduled visitation to the zones and facilitation of steering Committee meeting had to be cancelled due to paucity of funds. However, updates on the activities at the Secretariat and in other zones were relayed to all the zonal offices electronically or through the official website of the Society.  
Clarifications were made on the purportedly granted donation to the National purse by the Zonal Coordinator North West. It was indicated that it was not a donation, but accommodation cost which he was entitled to. Consequently, it was omitted from the financial records of the Society as a donation.
The strategic plan of OAPTIN for the next four years was circulated to all the members for review and adoption. It was indicated that due to time constraint members should be given enough time to peruse the document. In that vein, it was agreed that electronic copies should be sent to all the members for review.
Letter of apologies from Prof (Mrs) Solomon was read to the hearing of the members at the ABM. She indicated that she was aware of Kebbi 2016; unfortunately she could not attend it due to some pressing issues.    
Report from FUT Minna, 2015 LOC
The report from FUT Minna 2015 LOC was delivered by Dr S.T. Yusuf (Zonal Coordinator, North Central) on behalf of the Chairman, LOC. It was observed that the proceedings of the 11th Annual Conference was not ready for Kebbi 2016 as it was the tradition in all our Conferences. It was reported that this was due to lack of commitment and cooperation from most members. Members were informed to send electronic copies of full length manuscripts to the LOC for review and publication. Unfortunately only few heeded that call. It was also established that most of the reviewers contacted failed to live up to expectation, hence the delays observed. It was reported that the technical sub-committee of FUT Minna 2016 decided not to proceed with the proceedings due to the aforementioned factors. There was a counter observation from some members. They were of the opinion that they heeded the call for the timely submission of full length manuscript during and after the Conference. This was equally corroborated with submission of hard copies at the Conference. The Secretariat was mandated to liaise with the LOC, FUT Minna 2015 to furnish the Secretariat with the list of all the contributors to the proceedings. Names of the contributors were compiled at the ABM, which should be validated by FUT Minna 2016 LOC Chairman subsequently. The Secretariat was advised to follow up on this. FUT Minna indicated that there was a breakdown in communication between them and the Secretariat, which was later debunked by the Secretariat. The Secretariat reiterated that there has always been an open line of communication with FUT Minna. This was evidenced from emails messages, repeated phone calls and activities of the Secretariat at the official website of the Society. The LOC of FUT Minna 2015 indicated that the paucity of funds recorded in the organisation of the Annual Conference/Business meeting at Minna, 2015 could be attributed to disproportionate amount of funds allocated to cover travelling expenses of the keynote speakers that were flown to the venue by air.  Future host were advised to source for their keynote speakers from proximate locations to ease expenses.      
Reports from zones

    • North West

The coordinator for this zone indicated that most of the activities for this year centred on the organisation of the 12th Annual Conference/Business meeting that was scheduled to be hosted by KSTUST, Aliero. He reiterated that intensive efforts were placed on advocacy, networking and dissemination of information on the principles and practise of organic agriculture in this zone. The coordinator was later requested to dispatch his report formally to the Secretariat for documentation, which he consented to.
4.2 North Central
The Coordinator of this Zone presented a written note of the Chairman, Minna 2015 LOC to all the members. The content was mainly on the hiccups experienced concerning the publication of the Proceedings of the 11th Annual Conference hosted at Minna. The content of the written note was extensively discussed by members. The official report was not presented, however efforts would be made by the Secretariat to prevail on this Zonal Coordinator to present his report.
4.3 North East
There was no representation from this Zone at this Conference, by implication no report was presented at the ABM
4.4 South East
The Zonal Coordinator promised to forward a written report to the Secretariat soonest after making an oral presentation to members at the ABM.
4.5 South West
No report was forthcoming from this zone since the zonal coordinator sent his letter of apologies to the Secretariat on time. He indicated that there were problems in his University that constrained his presence at the Annual Conference/Business Meeting. The Secretariat promised to contact him to provide written report to the Secretariat.
4.6 South South
The coordinator for this zone was absents from the venue, hence the absence of a report.
Reports from Editorial Board
The report was sent by the Deputy Editor-in-Chief to the ABM. The absence of a reliable network at the venue could not allow the National Secretary to read the report to the members present at the ABM. However he provided an executive summary of the activities of JOAEN to all members. He announced that certain milestone had been reached with respect to web visibility of JOAEN. It was reported that all editorial processes henceforth shall be handled electronically. Earlier manuscripts were submitted to the Editor-in-Chief, who eventually allocates reviewers to them. The present model is that contributors to JOAEN were implored to register first at the official website of JOAEN. They could register in different formats (authors, reviewers and readers). He solicited for the support of contributors to maintain the highest standard in journal publications. He indicated that it is from the pool of reviewers that the Editor-in-Chief would pull out reviewers of submitted manuscripts. He reported that certain volumes of the journal are now uploaded into the official website of the Society. Other volumes and numbers shall subsequently be made available once the PDF format is made available by the printer. The Journal, JOAEN is now hosted in the sub-domain of the official portal of the Society. This action was premised on the ease of accessibility and convenience to all the stakeholders. He reported that the last number for the current year is available for launching at the plenary session of the 12th Annual Conference, Kebbi 2016. 
Report from Summer School
This was delivered by the National Treasurer, who equally doubled as the Coordinator for this project. It was observed that there was no activity for this project this year due to low patronage. It was indicated that the programme was poorly advertised hence the low patronage observed. It was indicated that efforts would be put into place in the nearest future to address this issue. It was reported that visibility for this programme could be ensured by leveraging on the official website of the Society.
Financial Report from the Secretariat
It was provided by the National Treasurer. The details of which were sent to the Secretariat. The motion for the adoption of the report was moved by Dr Shiyam, which was later seconded by Prof Ibeawuchi.
Report from the Secretariat
This was presented by the National Secretary. It highlighted activities at the 11th Annual Conference/Business Meeting at Minna, 2015. It indicated the positives and glitches encountered at the Conference and feedbacks to assist in the management of future Conferences. The milestones reached with respect to JOAEN were indicated and members were prevailed upon to register and make their contributions felt through the submission of their manuscripts and acting as reviewers where necessary. Other activities indicated were the visit from Ibrahim Babangida University, Lappai for collaboration and partnership in the area of organic agriculture. Activities concerning WELP and COBS were also reported. Recommendations were made on the continuous running of the Secretariat. Copies of this report were documented at the Secretariat. In tandem with that a paper was presented on the framework for a successful Conference hosting. It was deliberated upon extensively and adopted by members. It was indicated that this framework should be incorporated into next Conference. 


Hosting right  
Ibrahim Babangida University, Lapai expressed their desire to host the 13th Annual Conference/Business Meeting. It was indicated that University of Port Harcourt with Federal University of Science and Technology, Aliero had earlier expressed similar desire at the 11th Annual Business Meeting. The agreement then was that since UNIPORT was a runner-up to KSUST then the 13th Annual Conference should be granted to UNIPORT. However, UNIPORT failed to make representation at the 12th Annual Conference to reconfirm their readiness. Furthermore, the South East Zonal Coordinator read to the members at the ABM that UNIPORT officially declined to host 13th Annual Conference of OAPTIN. In the absence of interest from other institutions for the hosting right of the 13th Annual Conference, Ibrahim Babangida University, Lappai was provisionally granted the hosting right, subject to their level of commitment and preparedness. The National Secretary was mandated to communicate the decision of members at the ABM to IBB University, Lappai.
This was postponed till the next ABM. The present executives were implored to carry on with their responsibilities in the present designations.
Other matters arising
Members were advised to forward the electronic copies of their power point to the technical sub-committee of LOC to improve upon the conduct of technical Sessions at the Annual Conferences. This action was premised on the observed low quality of PPT presented at the technical sessions, the negative effect of inserting external devices on the computer at the conference and the need to save time during presentation. It was observed that there was the absence of representatives from media houses to cover events at the opening ceremony. The Chairman, Kebbi 2016 LOC opined that to save cost, Kebbi LOC leveraged on the goodwill of the PR Department of the University. It was indicated that they gave the event proper media coverage within the northern zone. This could have explained the broad geographical spread of attendance at the event and the submitted abstracts. Other observation was the low patronage of practising farmers at the event, though it was observed that the 12th Annual Conference was witnessed few farmers, however it was a better development that what was observed at Minna 2015, where no practising farmer was represented. Prospective hosts were encouraged to spread their dragnet to include practitioners and other stakeholders to the event. It was indicated that there was the absence of tags to indicate student members at the event. Such observations it was indicated should be properly addressed by the next hosting institution. It was agreed that henceforth benchmarks must be set for the next host
Motion for the adjournment of the 12th ABM was moved by Dr Shiyam, which was seconded by Dr Law-Ogbomo. The ABM ended around 6.00 PM.