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Minutes of the 10th Annual Conference/Annual Business Meeting of OAPTIN

  1. The meeting took place at the premises of Faculty of Agriculture, Ladoke Akintola University of Science and Technology, (LAUTECH) Ogbomosho. The meeting commenced at 3.30 pm, 19th of November, 2014.  The following members were in attendance during the meeting:
  • Dr F.A. Olowookere
  • Dr O.S. Sakariyawo
  • Dr O.I. Lawal
  • Prof J.J. Atungwu
  • Dr I.I. Olabiyi
  • Mrs T.T. Joseph-Adekunle
  • Dr (Mrs) C.O. Olaniyi
  1. The agenda for the meeting was:
  • Opening prayers
  • Opening remarks by national coordinating scientist
  • Minutes of 2013 ABM
  • Adoption of minutes of 2013 ABM
  • Appraisal of 2014 10th Annual Conference of OAPTIN
  • Comments and reports of Zonal Coordinators
  • Hosting of the next Conference
  • AOB
  • Closing remarks
  • Closing prayers
  1. The meeting commenced with an opening prayer delivered by Dr I.O. Lawal (FUNAAB).

Dr Olowookere delivered an opening remark on behalf of National Coordinating Scientist (VC, FUNAAB). She expressed her sincere appreciation for the efforts of the LOC, LAUTECH 2015 in successfully hosting 10th Annual National Conference of OAPTIN. She specifically commended efforts of the welfare committee for taking proper care of all the participants present at the occasion. She further drew the attention of the participants at this ABM to the absence of names of participants to the last ABM that was held at Ogun Osun River Basin Authority premises, Abeokuta, 2013.

  1. Prof J.J. Atungwu suggested that in lieu of ABM that was supposed to have taken place at Calabar, 2011, LOC of that location should present a report, articulating activities, comments and observations of events that took place in their location.
  2. The National Coordinating Scientist reiterated that phone numbers, email and contact addresses of National Officers should be provided. Furthermore, she observed that proper categorisation of participants should be conducted indicating their status. It was further observed that the minutes of the last ABM failed to provide information on the participants that adopted and adjourned the last ABM. Dr O.S. Sakariyawo indicated that he would contact Dr (Mrs) Odeyemi (FUNAAB) to furnish him further on the details.
  3. Minutes of 2013 ABM was adopted by Dr I.O. Lawal (FUNAAB) and seconded by Dr Olaniyi (LAUTECH).
  4. It was observed that farmers were absent at 2014 Annual Conference/ABM. Hence as part of hosting mandate Prof J.J Atungwu suggested that farmers must be officially invited and a visit to organic farm within the proximity of the conference location should be arranged by the LOC of the hosting institution.
  5. Absence of Zonal Coordinators could not allow presentation of reports from their zones, except south west zonal coordinator (Dr Olabiyi) that later made a brief report on this zone. He indicated that in his catchment zone he personally made field visits to selected institutions to sensitise all the stakeholders on the importance of organic agriculture. Furthermore, he indicated that he employed advocacy and mobilisation as the tool to further propagate the gospel of organic agriculture in the zone, especially at Federal Colleges of Agriculture and Oyo State College of Agriculture, Igboora.
  6. Prof J.J. Atungwu observed that there should be consistent flow of communication between the Secretariat and Zonal Coordinators. He suggested that resources should be made available to facilitate such. He elaborated on that by suggesting that visits by Secretariat to the zones preferably should be conducted twice in a year (first and last quarter of the year). He suggested that details of expectations from LOC of the hosting institution should be articulated in the hosting right mandate.
  7. Participants later drew attention of the ABM to the appalling state of the organic farm of LAUTECH. Dr Olabiyi suggested that the VC of LAUTECH should be informed officially of the present status of that farm. It was later suggested that while informing the host institution of their hosting right (Minna, 2015), zonal coordinators of north-west should be carried along for proper coordination.
  8. Dr Olabiyi (LAUTECH) indicated that a comprehensive report of LAUTECH 2014 shall be forwarded to the Secretariat through the National Secretary. He indicated that efforts were made with respect to the issuance of certificate of attendance to participants at the just concluded 10th Annual Conference. However, technical glitches were encountered hence it could not be made available on time. He promised that the certificates shall be posted to the participants commencing from next week. He equally appreciated the National Secretariat for the seed money provided to kick-start the conference. He informed the floor that the seed money had been refunded, while check- up fund shall be remitted to OAPTIN account at a later date.
  9. Prof J.J. Atungwu relay appreciation messages to LOC, LAUTECH 2014 for the successful hosting of the Conference. He equally commended Dr (Mrs) Olaniyi for officially joining OAPTIN and for coordinating the welfare of the conference.
  10. Dr Olabiyi advised that LOC of Minna 2015 should commence hosting activities early enough to forestall glitches and challenges in hosting Conference of such a magnitude. He further reiterated that members of LOC should live up to their responsibilities. He suggested that LOC members should pay registration fee earlier to kick-start the conference.
  11. It was further disclosed to the floor that Federal University of Technology, Minna had expressed interest in hosting 11th Annual Conference/ABM of OAPTIN. This hosting right was brokered by Prof V.I.O. Olowe (FUNAAB). To further indicate there readiness the VC of FUT Minna was earlier informed.
  12. Dr Olabiyi (LAUTECH) suggested that the cost of producing journal should be incorporated into the registration fee and later distributed to the registered participants during the conference.
  13. Participants further suggested that hosting right letter; Minna 2015 should be prepared and forwarded to the hosting institution latest by next week. It was also suggested that proposal by the LOC, Minna 2015 should be sent to the Secretariat on time for consideration and suggestions. Just as it was observed at the last two conferences, it was suggested that participants at the conference should be feed during the conference session. If it were possible proceedings and Journal should be prepared and distributed to participants at the conference. Other suggestion to the LOC, Minna 2015 was visits (twice) by the National Officers to LOC, Minna 2015.
  14. Prof J.J. Atungwu indicated that zonal coordinators should send their reports electronically to the Secretariat before the commencement of the next Conference. He later gave a report of the LOC, Abeokuta 2013 and that of the Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Organic Agriculture and Environment (JOAEN). He further indicated the need to revisit the strategic plan of the Secretariat (Five years plan). ABM later nominated Dr I.O. Lawal to Chair the committee. Prof J.J. Atungwu indicated the need to have a functional website for visibility and communication. He suggested the need for official email of the Society, which he said had been in existence but was not properly followed up.
  15. Dr Olabiyi suggested that Guaranty Trust Bank should be made the Official bank of the Society. ABM equally suggested that separate accounts should be created to serve different functions of the Society (Journal, Secretariat, Summer School and LOC).
  16. Motion for the adjournment of the meeting was moved by Dr I.O. Lawal, which was seconded by Dr Olabiyi.