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Minutes of Meeting of OAPTIN 9th National Conference Held at Ogun-Osun River Basin Development Authority

TIME: 04. 53 PM                                                        DATE: 13TH NOVEMBER, 2013-11-19


  • Opening Prayer
  • Opening Remarks by the National Coordinator
  • Minutes of 2012 ABM
  • Adoption of minutes of ABM
  • Appraisal of 2013 conference
  • Reports from the Zonal Coordinators
  • Comments on the Zonal reports
  • Next Conference
  • Election of Officers
  • AOB
  • Closing remarks
  • Closing Prayer

The meeting started at exactly 4.53 pm with an opening prayer said by Dr Askira.

2. Opening Remarks by the National Coordinator
Prof. V.I.O Olowe on behalf of the National Coordinator- Prof Olusola Oyewole delivered the opening remarks. He thanked all the people who attended the conference for their understanding and support despite the ongoing ASUU Strike which also prevented the conference from been held at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta campus which had better facility. He also used the opportunity to commend Dr J.J. Atungwu – Chairman LOC and his team on the success of the conference

3. Appraisal of 2013 Conference
The first question that was asked was why farmers and other practitioners were absent at the conference.

  • Dr Atungwu requested if we have adequate information on the list of Organic Farmers in Nigeria that could attend the Conference. It was reiterated that the mandate of OAPTIN is primarily that of skill acquisition and training while NOAN was charged with the responsibilities of meeting with organic farmers in the country.
  • Dr John advised that whenever farmers are invited to attend such conference, plans should be made available on what should be taken away by them to their respective stations in terms of know-how and know-what at the end of the conference.
  • Dr Askira further suggested that we should meet farmers one on one and take care of their transportation to venues and at the end programme give them souvenirs such as caps, tee shirts etc.
  • Also there is a need to create a link within the institute to liaise with the farmers
  • Prof Adeoye however said that OAPTIN should be pardoned if farmers were not in the conference. But we could have a field trip/farmers exhibition for farmer’s cooperatives.
  • Prof Olowe reiterated that the present LOC should not be blamed for the absence of the farmers who are the end users of all research but rather we should work out things.

4.         Minutes of 2012 ABM
Prof (Mrs) Solomon presented the minute of the Steering Committee on 8th Annual Conference held at University of Calabar. However, Prof Ekefan said rather than adopting the minute of the meeting, emphasis should be on the key area since the actual meeting did not hold at the last Conference. Prof Olowe used the opportunity to commend all the zonal coordinators for their work so far because they conducted their assignments pro bono.

5.         Reports from the Zonal Coordinators

  • South west: Prof Adeoye reported that LAUTECH has an organic farm that was certified and held a programme titled ‘Ogbomosho Go Organic’- NGO. The programme had over 200 farmers in attendance that were ready to convert to Organic farming. Also in the University of Ibadan farmers have been trained and the Vice-Chancellor of the University also gave a pep talk on fertilizer plant and organic agriculture to be adopted by the same University. Training workshop on Organic Agriculture was also held in Akure and a hotel is presently serving organic vegetables as part of its menu. Personally, Prof Adeoye has opened a 5 ha organic cocoa farm in preparation for 2015 organic conference.
  • North east: Dr Askira was not optimistic about organic agriculture in the zone because of security challenges in that part of the Federation and the attendant communication problem that had persisted over a period of time. He further reiterated that there was no record of any farmer practising organic agriculture in the zone. Also, there was a new faculty in his University that has organic agriculture in its curriculum.
  • North central: Prof Ekefan stated that there has been sensitization programme on organic and organic fertilizer to educate farmers on the difference between the two. Furthermore, African Standard has been developed and there is going to be a meeting to review the Standard. Lastly, University of Agriculture, Makurdi has a new VC and he is very receptive of Organic Agriculture.
  • South south: Prof (Mrs) Solomon  stated that the Ministry of Agriculture in Calabar have been sensitized on Organic Agriculture and the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Calabar have instituted Organic agriculture courses into its curriculum from 1st year to final year while University of Uyo have also been given the curriculum, to incorporate into their courses. Also UNICAL has acquired 1 ha farm land to convert to organic Agriculture.  She then used the opportunity to thank everyone that attended the last conference at Calabar for making it a success. 
  • North west: Prof Yakubu sent his apologies. Kebbi State University have incorporated Organic Agriculture into their curriculum. Presently, organic honey is also been produced in large quantity from the same institution while the students have been sensitized on Organic Agriculture and encouraged to conduct research on it. Prof Olowe however suggested that the organic honey produced should be analysed to determine its proximate composition and this should be compared with conventionally produced honey.                   
  • Comments on the Zonal reports

The representative from the Federal Ministry of Agriculture appreciated what was going on in the South west zone here farmers were introduced into Organic Farming and encouraged other zonal coordinator to do so as well.  

  • Next Conference

Ladoke Akintola University, Ogbomosho expressed their interest in hosting the next conference, which was unanimously approved.  

  • Election of Officers

Prof Olowe on behalf of the National Coordinator dissolved the Executive Officers of OAPTIN officially. However, the Secretariat is still at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

Names                                                       Office

  • Vice Chancellor, Federal University of Agriculture               National coordinator  
  • Prof (Mrs) G.M. Solomon (Unical)                                         Deputy National coordinator
  • Dr (Mrs) Florence Olowokere (Funaab)                     National Coordinating Scientist
  • Dr O.S Sakariyawo (Funaab)                                      National Secretary
  • Mrs T.T. Adekunle (Funaab)                                      National Treasurer
  • Dr Timothy Olabiyi (Lautech)                                    South west zonal coordinator            
  • Dr (Mrs) R.C. Wakawa (interim)                                North east zonal coordinator 
  • Dr Ibrahim Umar Mohammed (UDFU)                     North west zonal coordinator
  • Dr N.M. John (Unical)                                                South south zonal coordinator
  • Dr Innocent Ibeawuchi (Futo)                                    South east zonal coordinator 
  • Dr O.M. Ekpe                                                             North central zonal coordinator
  • AOB
  • It was advised that members should be given membership certificates and if possible conference certificates after each conference.
  • Prof Adeoye insisted on the representation of the National Coordinator which is very important to make organic agriculture more receptive
  • It was agreed that Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development be formally recognised by the steering committee.
  • Closing remarks

Prof Olowe appreciated the whole house and apologised for the absence of a communiqué. He stated that 83 people registered for the conference, out of which 20 people were members, 33 were non-members, 30 were not employed, 59 papers were read, 8 lead papers were presented, 1 person from Republic of Benin and 2 people came from Japan. He wished everyone journey mercy back to the their various destination  

  • Closing Prayer

The meeting came to a close at 6.44 pm with a closing prayer by Prof. G.M. Solomon.