Y. Mustapha, I. L. Hamma, A. M. Hayatuddeen, M. Ogbonna


A field experiment was conducted during the 2016 cropping season at Kwadon area of Yamaltu-Deba L.G.A. of Gombe State, to assess the effect of fresh (Moringa oleifera) leaf extract (MLE) on the growth and yield of maize. Young moringa leaves were harvested and pounded, 20 g of the pounded leaves was mixed with 675ml of 80% ethanol and filtered, the extract was then diluted with distilled water at 1:32 ratio (v/v) and sprayed directly onto the plants. The frequencies of spray constitute the treatments as T1 (4-MLE sprays), T2 (3-MLE sprays), T3 (2-MLE sprays), T4 (1-MLE spray) and T5 (0- MLE spray), in a randomized complete block design (RCBD) and replicated four times. Data were collected on plant height; stem girth, number of leaves, cob length, cob girth, 1000 seed weight and yield. The data were subjected to Analysis of variance (ANOVA), while differences among the  treatments were separated by Least Significant Difference (LSD). Results of the growth parameters  indicated that 4 sprays produced the greatest height (172.50 cm), largest stem girth (2.60 cm), highest  2 number of leaves (14.00) and widest leaf area (82.40 cm ). Similarly, 4 sprays also produced yield parameters at (P<0.01) with highest cob length (20.5 cm), 1000 seed weight (415g) and yield (5253.23 kg/ha) while no spray gave the least. It can be concluded that the use of moringa leaf extract foliar spray improves the yield of maize. It was recommended that, farmers should adopt foliar application of moringa leaf extract four times for increases in yield of maize.


Aqueous ethanol; maize; growth; yield

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