W. B. Bello, C. O. Adejuyigbe, J. A. Adigun, M. O. Dare


A field study was conducted to evaluate the effects of animal manure and compost application on soil fertility status, nutrient uptake and maize yield during the cropping seasons of 2010 -2011. Four organic amendments [poultry manure (PM), Pig manure (PGM), Cow dung manure (CDM), their compost (CM) and no amendment or control (Co) ] constituted the treatments. These were arranged in a Randomized Complete Block Design with four replications. Soil fertility status of the site was evaluated before and after cultivation, nutrient uptake were examined at 4, 8 and 12 weeks after planting using disruptive sampling method and yields of maize taken at harvest. Data obtained were subjected to analysis of variance and means separated using Duncan Multiple Range Test. Manure application improved soil fertility status, especially soil organic C, CEC, available P, exchangeable K, Ca, and Mg and increased nutrient uptake and yields of maize. Soil organic C increased from 0.8% (unamended soil) to about 1.49% (CM treated). Soils treated with CM gave the highest potential for  carbon sequestration. The highest grain yield was obtained in the rainy season for CM, followed by  PM, PGM and CDM, respectively while the control gave the least. Soil and maize responses of the  second crop following one time (CM) application indicated residual effects of manure application.  Findings from study has relevance for  development of sustainable farming practice based on organic  input for soil and crop management in the study area.  


Soil fertility; nutrient uptake; animal manures; compost; maize yield

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